Positive Pregnancy Test

Positive Pregnancy Test

The most frustrating thing a woman can experience is the idea that she might or might not be pregnant. The moment when you wait for the line to get red or pink, as the case implies, is the most nerve raking moment. I think all women have gone through this at least once. Nowadays, the majority have an abortion on their list so,  a simple pregnancy test is piece of cake. When do we have pregnancy tests? Well, usually a woman thinks of getting a pregnancy test when her period has delayed.

There are a few pregnancy signs that give away a pregnancy. For example if your period is missing, if you have cramps, more powerful and more frequent than menstrual ones, when you have terrible morning sicknesses that last more than one day, when you feel tired all the time even if you have slept enough , if you go very often to the toilet, if you feel bloated or very hungry for no reason etc. There are many things that catch our attention we just have to know how to read them. Any time we are sick or have a problem , our organism is trying to worn us about something.

Women who know they had unprotected sex should worry more. Many teenagers and women too, lets not discriminate anyone, think that if the boy /man cums outside the vagina then it’s all good. Well, it’s not. Before the orgasm there are some leakages of sperm that can be problematic. You never know and you cannot trust a man when he is on the verge of having an orgasm. It’s best to take contraceptive pills or use a condom, that can also protect you from different diseases you are not aware of. Also, still while on pills it’s best to follow your program without any delays.

A pill taken after it’s time can cause an unbalance and if you have sex just then, you might remain pregnant even if you are on pill. Women who are taking birth control pills don’t think not for a second that they might be pregnant , but there are many cases when the pill is not effective due to different things like taking a powerful pain killer that diminished the power of the pill.

Taking pregnancy tests is the easy way out. You get the result in two minutes . it’s easy it’s quick and it saves you from all the bad thought in your mind. A positive pregnancy test is when the two lines get red. If it is only one then you can keep your calm. There is also the case when pregnancy tests do not show the true result because the test is taken too soon. Always take the test after a week from the day you had sex. This is the time in which the egg is fecundated , otherwise the test will show you a fake result. In the end, pregnancy tests are the easiest form of knowing where you stand. Positive pregnancy test can be a joy or a very big problem. In order to prevent any misfortune you should take care of yourself and be responsible.