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Nyquil Abuse

When a young person starts with Nyquil abuse, it can go unnoticed in the beginning. But while the signs may be visible after sometime, it can be difficult for the abusers to actually accept that they need help. By this, we mean that regular abuse of Nyquil can cause physical dependence as well as addiction.

Nyquil is a permissible and convenient over the counter medication that does not require a prescription from a health care provider to obtain. In addition, it is cheap in any state. In case you take this medicine in the same way that has been directed by your personal health care provider, they you can be able to derive the right therapeutic benefits from it. However, continuous misuse or abuse can result in increase in Nyquil addition.

Nyquil contains DXM, which is a chemical substance that is used in over hundred OTC medicines used for the treatment of colds and coughs. DXM has been used in these medications since the 70’s. Nevertheless, this drug has also been found in a number of other drugs and has dissimilar actions on the user’s central nervous system. Nyquil is also known to contain acetaminophen as one of the key active ingredients. Also, alcohol content is present in Nyquil – making the abuse much more prevalent.

Because of these powerful ingredients, Nyquil can induce addiction on regular users. When used in high amounts, Nyquil can generate a high that is akin to that of DMX or PCP. Nevertheless, when taken according to the recommendations of a health care provider, the DMX present in Nyquil is harmless and effective in suppressing coughs.

While alcohol is included as a moderate sedative in Nyquil, so why we recommend not to mix nyquil and alcohol . The chances of a person developing physical dependency on the doses that are recommended by the health care provider are small. To start with, the content of alcohol present is not enough to generate dependency.

Next, it is known that alcohol doesn’t trigger dependency, except for cases where the user is susceptible for the condition (e.g. where the person comes from a family where cases of drug and alcohol abuse are deeply ingrained). Thirdly, the content of alcohol present in this drug is in its inactive form.

Any medicine that works by altering the functioning of the central nervous system can be abused and consequently result in addiction. The initial step to suffering Nyquil abuse is normally taking the drug for non-therapeutic purposes to obtain a euphoric feeling. As a result, addiction starts to appear and with persistent use, a person can suffer severe addiction that can be characterized by a number of dangerous health complications.

The risk for Nyquil abuse is more if you hail from a family with a medical past of alcoholism or drug abuse and addiction. In addition, Nyquil abuse and addiction is associated with age and is widely experienced by teenagers and young adults.

Nyquil abuse or addiction is a condition that is well recognized by professional health care providers as well as treatment specialists, so find help as soon as possible if you are affected.

You Are Not Alone With COPD

Suffering with COPD can feel a lot like living a nightmare that never seems to end. Although you may try to keep your spirits up with the hope that something will change, every morning you wake up to find that the same circumstances that faced you the day before are back again. On a bad day you may even find that there are more challenges in front of you then there were the night before.

There are two types “pink puffer” and “blue bloater” in COPD,With this fact in mind, it should come as no surprise that depression and feelings of hopelessness are very common among those that suffer from chronic ailments. Of course, these emotions are only increased by the fact that most chronic ailments carry with them their own symptoms that can make you feel less human and embarrassed by your own body.

For instance, some of the most common symptoms include finding yourself wheelchair bound, forced to carry oxygen, or forced to ask for aid when using a restroom. These types of symptoms can start to dehumanize a person making them feel less like a person and more like someone that is just ‘making it’ until they reach the end of their life.

However, as horrible as these situations may all sound, living with a COPD does not have to mean giving up on your will to live. In fact, many people have found ways to turn their ailments into positive challenges that inspire them to live their life with a little more zeal.

While it may be hard to believe this fact if you belong to the former group, it is a bit easier to believe if you read about ways that you can start to get your own sense of self back and feel like the person you use to be.

The first step is acceptance, acceptance of the fact that physically you will never be the person that you used to be. However, this does not have to mean that you will never be the same person, because while COPD can limit your physical abilities, it does not fundamentally change who you are, what you like, and how you feel. These attributes you still have full control over and it is up to you to decide how to best manage them. After all, the disease has already stripped some of your physical functions, so it is important not to let it strip away your emotional and mental functions if you want to come out on top.

While you most likely feel alone, there are millions of people out there who have the same experiences that you do and are willing to lend a shoulder to lean on or share advice about how they deal with their symptoms and emotions. In turn, you likely have your own coping mechanisms and tips that could help many others in the same position as you.

Instead of turning inside and abandoning your life, why not look for online forums and use the world wide web to connect you with others in your shoes who can offer unique insight and true comprehension of what you feel and what you are going through.

Even for those that are home-bound, it’s only a click away.

Slang Terms for Marijuana

Grass, hemp and herb are also names for marijuana. These are common names that are used by the patients who have been prescribed marijuana and the causal users of the drug.

The names grass and herb are used to describe how the marijuana looks once it has been processed. The processed marijuana is a dark green and is ground into a course product.

This reminds a lot of people of the way that cut grass or crushed herbs look once they are dried. The name hemp is actually used to describe the rope like material that the cannabis plant is used to create. Traditional hemp does not have any chemicals in it to allow a person to get high off it, but the term is also used to describe chemical rich marijuana that has medical affects.

The nicknames for marijuana that sound like the names of people are used by those who wish to hide the usage, purchase, or sales of marijuana. The most common names are Mary Jane, Jane, and Bobby Brown. These hidden terms are friendlier than other terms, such as Bhang, Dope, Draw, Gangster, or Giggleweed, but they are no less dangerous since they denote the hidden usage of the drug.

Terms like Texas Tea, Panama Red, and Mexican Green denote the names for marijuana hybrids and processing methods. These different hybrids and processing methods alter the tastes and strength of the marijuana. These different names for marijuana are often used by those who sell, process or purchase marijuana frequently. This denotes the frequent usage and the knowledge of the different types of marijuana on the market.

Cloudy Urine: Is It Alarming?

Normal urine has yellow clear color. However, there are times when a person excretes cloudy urine. Obviously, you will not think that it is normal because there is a possibility that it is a sign of other serious illnesses. This color of urine is caused by several factors such as infections, food intakes as well as medications.

When you notice that your urine is cloudy you should not panic immediately unless laboratory tests are done. The best thing to do is to be watchful with the patterns of your cloudy urine and note it. You need also to know what you feel during that time and the food you eat recently. It is also necessary to note the frequency of the urination. In case you notice cloudy urine for several days you should not wait a long time before visiting your doctor. Likewise, you should immediately take prescribed medicines if the cloudy urine is accompanied with pain and other symptoms.

In like manner, cloudy urine can also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal discharge, dehydration, autoimmune system, infection and inflammation. On the other hand, cloudy urine can be accompanied with co-existing symptoms such as abdominal pain, bladder spasms, incontinence, foul smelling urine and urgent urination.

When not given immediate medical intervention, cloudy urine would lead to potential complications based on the underlying conditions. When the symptoms aggravate it would lead to kidney infection and diabetes that are more life-threatening. Therefore, it is important to treat the soonest possible time the cloudy urine problem to avoid further health issues.

On the other hand, a pregnant woman can also experience harmless cloudy urine. It is caused by hormonal changes as well as dietary modifications. Although it is harmless to have cloudy urine during pregnancy, it is still recommended to consult your health doctor. In this way possible urinary tract infection can be prevented. Keep in mind that experiencing urinary tract infection during pregnancy would pose harm to the baby inside the womb. That is why a pregnant woman should be watchful about the urine as well as the accompanying symptoms.

The cloudy urine during pregnancy might be due to the hormonal fluctuations during conception. The hormonal level is also altered by the dietary modifications that result to cloudy urine. Likewise, the turbidity of urine is also affected when taking large meal before going to bed. Phosphate crystals in the digested foods can make the urine cloudy. This might be temporary in a pregnant woman, but if it persists for several days, it is ideal to consult your doctor.

A pregnant woman who excretes cloudy urine should also check on the vaginal discharge. If there is an abnormal smell, there is a possibility that there is an excess protein in the urine. However, since it is prohibited to take drugs when pregnant you should not take the risk of taking your own prescriptions. Whether a person is pregnant or not, excreting cloudy urine should be given proper attention before the condition gets worse and leads to other serious illnesses.

Poison Ivy Contagious

Poison ivy contains a chemical oil named urushiol, and the plant releases the oil when touched by someone. Urushiol is present in the leaves, roots and stem of the plant. It is said that many of the people are sensitive to this particular oil and they develop a rash if touched. People may suffer with some some allergic reaction when their body is exposed. The common question among many people that may arise is that, is poison ivy contagious. Just a simple rash is not contagious but when the rash is broken and touched by some one it is said to be contagious. Once the oil is absorbed and reached inside the skin you need not worry. Poison ivy contagious only when we get into contact with urushiol. This should be immediately treated to avoid the increase of rash on the body.

The symptoms of poison ivy are only the red rashes that appear on the body after one or two days of contact with the oil. A person is likely to develop severe allergic reaction if he is too sensitive. Several other symptoms that have been noticed are swelling on the face or eyes, breathing problem or swelling in the throat. If any of the symptoms are observed it is better to consult a doctor immediately for immediate medication. Besides medication, many natural methods can also be adopted for treating this rash as they have no side effects. After a lot of research, it has been discovered that Dermisil is the best and effective in treating poison ivy. Dermisil helps in reducing the itching sensation and gives a soothing effect to the rash. It can be safely used to reduce the rashes and blisters.

Poison ivy is a plant and the rash that appears by touching the urushiol is also said to be poison ivy. Many people are unaware of whether it’s contagious or not. It’s wise to get rid of poison ivy. If a person develops any blister or rash due to poison ivy, he should wash that particular area of skin properly to avoid further spreading on the body. Many times others come into contact with out their knowledge and may be exposed to the resin. Those who are sensitive and are allergic develop this rash. As such poison ivy is not contagious unless and until your skin does not get into contact with it. People who are allergic are advised to keep away from this particular plant to avoid allergic reactions and rashes.

Learning how to treat an infected tattoo

What is it about getting a tattoo that is very thrilling? Maybe it is the permanence of the body art. Maybe it is the pain one has to endure in getting one. Most probably, it is both. In any case, getting a tattoo is undoubtedly being fashionably bad. Very few people realize though that an infection can turn this cool experience into a nightmare. For those who have had this problem, below are some useful tips on how to treat an infected tattoo.

Advice on how to treat an infected tattoo

The best tip on how to treat an infected tattoo is avoid an infection in the first place. Before getting a tattoo, one must be prepared to care for it afterwards. An open wound is a breeding ground for bacteria so make sure to cover the new tattoo carefully with a clean bandage that allows some air to get in. This must be done for at least two hours. Using any kind of plastic to cover the wound is a very bad idea because this material locks moisture in and can lead to infection. The key here is to keep the wound clean and dry.

When washing the new tattoo, lukewarm water and a mild anti bacterial soap must be used. Using an abrasive material like a towel and rubbing it against the skin is forbidden. A wound must be pat gently to dry.

Another important tip on how to treat an infected tattoo is consult a doctor on how to properly clean an infected wound and which anti-bacterial soaps are most effective. Not only that, a licensed physician can also recommend anti-bacterial medicine for treatment. Bacitracin, A&D Ointment, or Neosporin are some of the commonly used ointments but consulting a doctor is still best. After all, other diseases, which one may not be aware of — such as diabetes, peripheral arterial disease or an impaired immune system — can increase the likelihood of an infection or make it difficult for all types of wounds to heal.

As critical as learning how to treat an infected tattoo is learning to recognize the basic symptoms of infection. Especially if it is the first time, one has ever gotten a tattoo, this person may not know what to expect exactly. When is redness around the tattoo alarming and when is it normal? Is the appearance of red streaks and pus around the wound a sign of infection? How much pain during the healing period is expected? How long should the healing period be?

Generally if a tattoo continues to look red and swollen even after three or four days, that is an indication of a problem. If the person starts to have fever or swollen lymph nodes, that is also a bad sign. The appearance of pus is never normal. If these symptoms occur, one must take the necessary steps cleaning and treating of the wound. Learning how to treat an infected tattoo is not complicated but treatment must start very early in the stages of infection. But of course, no matter how much one has read up on how to treat an infected tattoo, the diagnosis and advice of a licensed doctor is still invaluable.
Also you might find the video below about how to treat an infected tattoo. Check it out!

Causes of Clear Watery Semen

Some people will experience a clear watery and thin semen during the sex life or other cases, there are a few of causes for this result, here are as below:

1. Regular discharge: In some case it’s a regular discharge. As we may know, there will take about 70 days to prepare to generate sperm cells, some people has got this problem as they have not enough time for generation, so it will make them come out discharge and not sperm cell. What you should do is to take time to restore the sperm. Besides, there is another reason for certain kind of people with a zinc insufficiency. People with this condition will cause a watery semen and it can be clear and thin. In this case you should consult with your doctor for supplements especially zinc supplement.

2. Lack of fructose: Men who are lack of fructose will get this problem as well, and they may leave the denied of fructose so that the watery semen will show up in their life. There are some reasons that will cause this insufficiency, one is his diet regimen. And the other can be exercise, yes, it’s exercise. People with over exercising will make their semen become watery and thin.

3. There is another case with this watery semen, and it could be his ejaculation too much. You will also find the semen to be much thicker, that’s because he holds off for a bit.

Commonly the semen is transparent, the color such as white or others will depend on the men’s diet, for example their drinking or eating.

How Long do Hemorrhoids Last?

There is no clear time frame about how long do hemorrhoids last. Every case varies based on each individual and not every suffered can speed up healing or get cure with counter top medications.

Hemorrhoid sufferers always ask this question, how long does it last. This is because they want to get relieved from the discomfort and pain. The appropriate answer is it varies from person to person. There are many more factors influencing this answer, varying from overweight to pregnant and many more.

Time Taken by Hemorrhoids to Cure

  • First time sufferers of hemorrhoids are expected to have advantage as many have faced this problem earlier. It will heal quickly and react to treatment instantly. This takes nearly 3 days on an average to cure. When hemorrhoids are not very serious, they clear up naturally.
  • In case, you already have faced this earlier, the time duration will be slightly longer than earlier occurrence. Even in bad cases it can last for months or weeks. It may run to months if the person has neglected the pain in its first stage considering it to vanish on its own. It is best to cure hemorrhoids immediately in the first attack so that you get back to normal.
  • In worse cases, intervention of surgery becomes inevitable. This happens if the treatment options are ineffective. Surgery is considered if you wish to act sooner. Once the hemorrhoids progress, they are stubborn to eliminate and end up in surgery.
  • Unexpected attack may also happen due to some drugs that make your stools hard to pass. These types take the standard healing time and cure in a week or two.

There are over the counter ointments available that is very effective such as witch hazel. This can also be purchased from pharmacies. In fact, there are excellent cures available on the web. The treatment and the time to cure varies on all sufferers, before your get right. How long do hemorrhoids last can be best answered as the earlier you seek medical attention and act, sooner are the chances of clearing and preventing serious occurrences.

How to Prepare Crab Louie or Crab Louis Salad

At different times, this dish has been called Crab Louie, Crab Louis Salad, Louis Salad and/or the King of Salads.

Research indicates that although the origins of the recipe are unclear, it is reputed to date back to the early 1900’s. Some anecdotes credit the original recipe to the entrepreneur Louis Davenport.

Presently, three recipes in print exist, one from a 1910 edition of a cookbook by V. Hertzler, and another, in a 1914 publication, Bohemian San Francisco, by C. E. Edwards. Another recipe pre-dates 1914, and can be found in the historical menus at Davenport Hotel, in  Spokane, Washington.

However, you may still find this recipe on the menu of some upscale hotels and restaurants, including the Palace Hotel in San Francisco and the Davenport Hotel, in Spokane, Washington

You will find Crab Louis typically listed as a hors d’Å“uvre

As a rule it is served either chilled or at room temperature, on a bed of crisp Butter or Romaine Lettuce.

This following recipe serves 4.


♦  2 cups of cooked Crab meat – Although the preferred crab is Dungeness Crab, other crab meat (e.g., Pacific Crab or Alaskan King Crab) can be substituted;

♦  2 Hard boiled Eggs;

♦ 1 Tomato;

♦  Steamed Asparagus spears;

♦  1 Cucumber (I prefer English Cucumber);

♦  Chopped chives

Another essential ingredient is a seafood dressing such as Sauce Louis (recipe below). However in a pinch Thousand Island Dressing will suffice.


♦  Mayonnaise;

♦  Chili Sauce;

♦  Heavy Cream

♦  chopped Green Pepper

♦  chopped Spring or Green Onions;

♦  Worcestershire sauce;

♦  Lemon Juice;

♦  Salt;

♦  Black Pepper.

NOTE:. Start by making the Sauce Louis:

(This sauce is also good with stuffed artichokes, and shrimp.)


♦ 1 cup Mayonnaise;

♦ 1/2 cup Chili Sauce;

♦ 1/4 cup Heavy Cream

♦ 1/4 cup chopped Green Pepper;

♦ 1/4 cup chopped Green Onion;

♦ 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce;

♦ 2 tablespoons Lemon Juice

♦ Season to taste with salt and black pepper.

Leave the dressing to chill in the refrigerator.

This dressing can be served on the side or mixed with the other ingredients, depending on the personal preference of you and your guest(s).

This is my favorite:

Just prior to serving, arrange around the inside of a bowl:

♦ Lettuce leaves

Place on the bottom:

♦ 3/4 cup shredded lettuce leaves

Heap on these:

♦ 2 cups of cooked Crab Meat

Pour over the crab:

♦ 1 cup of Sauce Louis (Recipe above) or Thousand Island Dressing

Slice 2 hard-boiled eggs

♦ Place them on top of the crab.

Dice the tomato, steamed asparagus spears, and the cucumber;

♦ Layer them on the egg and crab.

Sprinkle over them:

♦ Chopped chives.

Then the final step is to enjoy. Bien manger!



Why smoking is injurious?

A constant dried out cough is your body’s mode of trying to clean the crud away from your lungs naturally.

  • But unhappily, if you carry on smoking each day,  then it is a losing battle.
  • So your body wants aid in cleaning the tar, nicotine, chemicals, and crap that cigarettes pump into your lungs everyday.
  • Do you have a smoker’s cough that won’t go away?
  • Have you been smoking for 5, 10, or even 20 years and find it impossible to quit?
  • Do you find it difficult to take a deep breath?

You nee to know these harmful effects about smoking

Nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes which makes individual dependent upon them.

Nicotine in known to stimulate the brain and can cause nicotine poison and many smokers reported thinking when they smoke the addiction can take sometime to set in during which the smokers tend to acquire taste for cigarettes.

Common health diseases caused due to cigarettes include Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Lung cancer and several other types of cancers including throat cancer, mouth cancer, pancreatic cancer and bladder cancer.

When a person smokes a cigarette, 200 people inhale its smoke. 1 in 3 Indian teenagers who smoke is greater than the total population of the United States.

In 1900, 2.5 billion cigarettes were sold; In 1945 it increased to 3.5 billion. And approximately 100000 children try their first cigarette everyday.

Only 5 in 100 who attempt to quit smoking succeed and 1 in every 5 death is caused due to cigarette smoke which is more than AIDS, ALCOHOL, ACCIDENTS & SUICIDES combined.

List of countries which smoke the most:- Greece, United States, and Great Britain. If all smokers formed a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world (after China and India)

A single cigarette contains 4000 toxic substances 200 of which are deadly poisons. 1 of which is nicotine, 1 drop of Nicotine can kill a person.

1 cigarette= 20mg of nicotine So if you try eating 3 cigarettes you will fall dead.

Secret ingredients in cigarette

  • Hydrogen Cyanide- extermination gas used in World War 2.
  •  Benzoapyrene- most potent cancer causing chemical.
  •  Arsenic- rat poison.
  •  Propylene Glycol- brake fluid.
  •  Turpentine- paint thinner.
  •  Ammonia- explosive.
  •  Formaldehyde- used to preserve dead bodies.
  •  Lead- damages brain.
  •  Cadmium- destroys liver.
  •  Butane- highly flammable/ used in gasoline.
  •  Benzene- pesticide.

Health risks:

  • Brain- blood clot, addiction, anxiety, stroke, disturbed sleeping.
  • Eyes- cataracts, capillaries, muscular degeneration, eyes sting, water and blink more.
  • Nose- loss of smell, cold, aggravates tuberculosis, asthmas and cough.
  • Mouth- cancer of lips, leukoplakia, gum disease, loss of taste.
  • Teeth- caries, plaque, decay, discoloration, gingivitis.
  • Throat- graves disease, thyroid disease, throat cancer, cancer of esophagus, throat irritation, sore throat.
  • Skin- wrinkles, premature aging.
  • Limbs- poor blood circulation, tar accumulation, osteoporosis.
  • Lungs- lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema.
  • Heart- hardens arteries, increase blood pressure, coronary heart disease, heart attack.
  • Liver- cancer, stores toxins for many years.
  • Kidney- hardens, failure, cancer.
  • Bladder- harden arteries, failure, cancer.
  • Fertility in men- very low sperm count, impotency, erectile dysfunction.
  • Fertility in women- period pains, early menopause, cancer of cervix, slow rate of conception, still births.

Every 8 secs someone dies from smoking and the most shocking fact of all is that 1 in 4 who die from smoking haven’t smoked a cigarette.

Almost all the T.V channels publish a note flashing that smoking is injurious to health and causes cancer.

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