A Brief Explanation Of Inflammatory Acne Conglobata

A Brief Explanation Of Inflammatory Acne Conglobata

This is the worst form of this condition and is known medically as Acne conglobata, it basically includes all of the worst symptoms associated with acne and can be very difficult to treat successfully, with a last resort being the powerful and potentially harmful drug Isotertinoin more commonly called Accutane.

Acne conglobata usually manifests itself in late adolescence up to the early thirties, while this age group is the most common it may also occur as late as forty years of age.Commonly it may strike where a person already has acne.

It may also recur on someone who may have suffered from acne in the past.

As yet the defining cause of acne conglobata is not yet known but so far there appears to be an established link with the male hormone testosterone, and although women also have this hormone present, it is more prevalent in the male thus men are more often affected by this kind of acne.Other scientific links have also been established, but these are far less likely to affect the average person.

Acne conglobata usually starts with blackheads appearing around the face and neck although this may also include or extend to other areas notably the chest, arms and buttocks in small groups.

Pimples then form around the area of the blackheads, these can become quite big, unsightly and painful as they become filled with pus, finally the pore walls will rupture under the strain of the fluid and it may then drain and as tissues heal fill up again.

This rupturing and tissue damage may cause the lesions to become joined together forming larger shapes, and they can remain on the skin for a very long time, forming scabs, but continuing to spread outward.

At some point the lesions caused will heal properly, but the skin’s surface will be disfigured and scarred, as will always be noticed on the face of a person that has suffered from this dreadful condition.

Fortunately, nowadays with advances in medicine, acne scarring can be treated with a variety of different methods, many of which are very costly, such as laser surgery,  microdermabrasion, or surgical excision of the tissue.

There are other options such as chemical injections, but the type of procedure you may need can only be determined by a dermatologist.

There are many different drugs and antibiotics used for the treatment of acne conglobata, if one does not work then another may be tried, the most powerful types will only be used as a last resort because of their potential side effects, which of course will be unknown quantity until a person starts taking the medication.

A dermatologist will be able to give you an expert opinion on your particular condition and advise you on the best course of
action to proceed with based on what they see.