Causes of Clear Watery Semen

Causes of Clear Watery Semen

Some people will experience a clear watery and thin semen during the sex life or other cases, there are a few of causes for this result, here are as below:

1. Regular discharge: In some case it’s a regular discharge. As we may know, there will take about 70 days to prepare to generate sperm cells, some people has got this problem as they have not enough time for generation, so it will make them come out discharge and not sperm cell. What you should do is to take time to restore the sperm. Besides, there is another reason for certain kind of people with a zinc insufficiency. People with this condition will cause a watery semen and it can be clear and thin. In this case you should consult with your doctor for supplements especially zinc supplement.

2. Lack of fructose: Men who are lack of fructose will get this problem as well, and they may leave the denied of fructose so that the watery semen will show up in their life. There are some reasons that will cause this insufficiency, one is his diet regimen. And the other can be exercise, yes, it’s exercise. People with over exercising will make their semen become watery and thin.

3. There is another case with this watery semen, and it could be his ejaculation too much. You will also find the semen to be much thicker, that’s because he holds off for a bit.

Commonly the semen is transparent, the color such as white or others will depend on the men’s diet, for example their drinking or eating.