How to Prepare Crab Louie or Crab Louis Salad

At different times, this dish has been called Crab Louie, Crab Louis Salad, Louis Salad and/or the King of Salads. Research indicates that although the origins of the recipe are unclear, it is reputed to date back to the early 1900’s. Some anecdotes credit the original recipe to the entrepreneur Louis Davenport. Presently, three recipes […]

Best Savory and Sweet Cheese Dishes

From hearty appetizers and snacks, to comfort foods, to elegant dishes and decadent desserts, cheese lends its richness to both savory and sweet dishes that do not fail to satisfy one’s basic hunger or his desire for sweet indulgence. Following are good old proven recipes that feature cheese as a main ingredient. These recipes are […]

Benefits of canned veggies over frozen veggies

People debate over fresh, frozen and canned vegetables. There are fans of all three and some have preferences or one over the others. No one can deny which version offers the best nutritional bang for your buck.  In the world of vegetables, fresh rules hands down. There is nothing like the taste and texture of […]

The History of the Burrito

You’ve left work late. You’re child has to be at practice soon. You realize you don’t have time to cook dinner and decide to stop at Taco Bell for dinner. You’re thinking simple, quick and easy for someone on the go, right? Well have you ever wondered how this “on the go” food got its […]