Can Self Prostate Milking Be Of Benefit To Prostate Health?

Can Self Prostate Milking Be Of Benefit To Prostate Health?

Many males probably do not know about the prostate but it is true! The prostate gland is the Male G spot and in other words is the gland present within the male reproductive system. The primary function of the prostate gland is to produce the seminal fluid, and as well as the stimulation of the orgasm. The prostate gland, if not treated properly or if not cared can result in malfunctioning and as the result of which the male can experience certain odd problems and some of these may lead to severe chronic prostate disorders like the prostate cancer. The medical niche nowadays is working hard on this particular topic to make the men aware of it, its importance and how to let it enjoy its perfect health and shape so that it keeps on working as efficiently as the prostate is meant to. For that, doctors recommended the milking process which if practiced on regular basis, can create wonders as it can be a vital remedy against the anticipation of prostate diseases like the prostatitis and the prostate cancer. Prostate milking, or prostate massage both refer to the similar process.

Make sure to not to spontaneously perform to milk the prostate until or unless you know you have got very good hands on the knowledge and in-process techniques. It is good to take your partner’s help while performing it at home or you may do it yourself if you feel good about it and are confident to carry on the entire process all your self.

While you cannot directly touch the prostate, only a small layer of tissue and muscle separate the rectum wall from the outside tissue of the prostate. You can experience a variety of benefits if you do it correctly and on a regular basis.

The prostate gland can be located just about 3 cm from your anal opening (varies from person to person). Before doing it so, ensure that you urinate properly to maximize the feeling of relaxation or consider bowl movement for this. While trying to locate the prostate gland for prostate milking, make sure you have trimmed your nails and you are using latex gloved with lots of lubricants over the purpose of the lubricants is just for precaution against any lesion during the prostate stimulation. Upon locating a bump or a soft walnut sized tissue ball, that is your Male G spot or the prostate gland, start stimulating it slightly. The main sign upon locating it is that you will feel a little sensation as you touch it but make sure you do not touch it with your finger tips or nails. You may feel any feeling in reaction to which you might need a bath room break but do not, just continue with the process. You may also experience the sexual pleasure or orgasm but do carry it on until the prostate gland get stimulated enough and you feel that ejaculation is about to occur.