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Are Double Chin Exercises An Alternative To Cosmetic Surgery?

If you are thinking about having cosmetic surgery to remove your double chin, you should probably consider some alternatives such as exercises and other aids first. The reason is that while these days while it’s fairly routine, cosmetic surgery on any part of your body is by no means risk free. All medical procedures involve risk, especially when a general anesthetic is involved, so it’s a good idea to think about alternatives before you make your final decision.

The fact is there are all kinds of products designed to help you avoid the risk and expense of cosmetic surgery, including various double chin exercises, creams and chin straps. Some of them can be quite effective, while others are pretty much a waste of your time and money. So, how can you tell what’s going to be the best option for you, and which ones are really duds? What is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of a double chin?

Exercises Better Than Creams?

There are a number of specially designed creams on the market that claim to help you reduce the size and appearance of a double chin. Some of them can be effective at firming up the skin around your chin area. But despite what these products claim, for most people it’s really going to take more than applying a simple cream to fix the problem. If you combine a number of exercises (which can give great results) with one of the better creams on the market, you might have much better success. But unfortunately these creams cannot claim to be a “magic bullet”, and on their own are unlikely to give you the best benefits.

Is A Chin Strap Better Than Exercises?

There are a number of specialist devices on the market today that promise results similar to those you can get from cosmetic surgery. Their main claim to fame is they can give you some results while costing significantly less. And some of them have relatively sound science and customer reviews behind them.

But before you decide whether one of these chin-strap devices is better than cosmetic surgery for you, make sure you do your homework and see how believable their results are. In most of the ads, you’ll see before and after photographs, but these days it’s hard to know whether the results were really achieved without the help of exercises or even double chin surgery.

Exercises & Diet Could Be The Key

While it’s true that for some people, there is a family history of people having a double chin, it’s not a purely genetic problem. The biggest causes are age, diet and exercise related. Knowing this, watching what you eat and performing some regular exercises might be all you need to smooth out your face and reduce or even fix your chin. The main thing to know is that most people really don’t need cosmetic surgery. There are other effective means of getting rid of a double chin available that you can try first, and maybe save yourself a lot of money, potential complications from surgery, and a painful recovery in the process.

Can Self Prostate Milking Be Of Benefit To Prostate Health?

Many males probably do not know about the prostate but it is true! The prostate gland is the Male G spot and in other words is the gland present within the male reproductive system. The primary function of the prostate gland is to produce the seminal fluid, and as well as the stimulation of the orgasm. The prostate gland, if not treated properly or if not cared can result in malfunctioning and as the result of which the male can experience certain odd problems and some of these may lead to severe chronic prostate disorders like the prostate cancer. The medical niche nowadays is working hard on this particular topic to make the men aware of it, its importance and how to let it enjoy its perfect health and shape so that it keeps on working as efficiently as the prostate is meant to. For that, doctors recommended the milking process which if practiced on regular basis, can create wonders as it can be a vital remedy against the anticipation of prostate diseases like the prostatitis and the prostate cancer. Prostate milking, or prostate massage both refer to the similar process.

Make sure to not to spontaneously perform to milk the prostate until or unless you know you have got very good hands on the knowledge and in-process techniques. It is good to take your partner’s help while performing it at home or you may do it yourself if you feel good about it and are confident to carry on the entire process all your self.

While you cannot directly touch the prostate, only a small layer of tissue and muscle separate the rectum wall from the outside tissue of the prostate. You can experience a variety of benefits if you do it correctly and on a regular basis.

The prostate gland can be located just about 3 cm from your anal opening (varies from person to person). Before doing it so, ensure that you urinate properly to maximize the feeling of relaxation or consider bowl movement for this. While trying to locate the prostate gland for prostate milking, make sure you have trimmed your nails and you are using latex gloved with lots of lubricants over the purpose of the lubricants is just for precaution against any lesion during the prostate stimulation. Upon locating a bump or a soft walnut sized tissue ball, that is your Male G spot or the prostate gland, start stimulating it slightly. The main sign upon locating it is that you will feel a little sensation as you touch it but make sure you do not touch it with your finger tips or nails. You may feel any feeling in reaction to which you might need a bath room break but do not, just continue with the process. You may also experience the sexual pleasure or orgasm but do carry it on until the prostate gland get stimulated enough and you feel that ejaculation is about to occur.

Top 5 Causes of Dry Cough and Sore Throat

It is common for people to complain about dry cough and sore throat, regardless of season. Yet, in cold climates, winter and the colds it brings favor the appearance of these bothersome symptoms.

In the majority of cases, the association of sore throat and dry cough results from the irritation of the bronchial tubes in the lungs, trachea and throat. And there are several triggers that may be responsible for the problem.

1. Postnasal drip is common to several health problems, and it could be responsible for the throat discomfort and the coughing. The sinuses secret mucus in excess to deal with a sinus infection, allergens or airborne irritants. If the mucus is thin, the cough remains nonproductive. If it’s thick, then there will be productive cough.

2. Infections of the upper respiratory tract often include sore throat and dry cough among other symptoms. There may also be voice hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, fever etc. The MD may immediately suspect a streptococcus infection if fever appears. Without fever, cough and sore throat tell your physician to look elsewhere for the causes of your health problem.

3. Laryngitis is a viral infection at the level of the larynx that causes inflammation. Fall, winter and early spring are the times of the year with the most numerous laryngitis cases. People easily develop voice hoarseness or even lose voice, as they may also experience dry cough and sore throat for a short period of time.

4. Air dryness leads to throat dryness as we breathe. And the discomfort resulting from this dryness sometimes feels painful. Small children are more easily affected by air dryness, and doctors recommend the preventive use of humidifiers indoors. However, air dryness only causes a temporary coughing sensation that goes away. It’s unlikely for the cough to persist for this reason. See the doctor in case the symptoms continue! There might be another cause.

5. Smoking is a major cause of dry cough and sore throat. Cigarette smoke is an irritant and the body makes an effort to eliminate it, by cleaning the lungs and the upper respiratory system. Tobacco smoke contains all sorts of chemicals, in addition to nicotine, and they irritate the throat. Dry cough in itself could also cause a discomfort at the level of the larynx. Quit smoking and the problem is solved!

!! It is important to determine the cause behind your symptoms. Unless they are very obvious, like a bad cold or smoking, you should see the doctor and run the necessary investigations to get to the bottom of the problem.

In addition to the numerous pharmaceutical cough solutions, you can try some natural homemade remedies like honey and lemon to eliminate the discomfort and recover better.

A Brief Explanation Of Inflammatory Acne Conglobata

This is the worst form of this condition and is known medically as Acne conglobata, it basically includes all of the worst symptoms associated with acne and can be very difficult to treat successfully, with a last resort being the powerful and potentially harmful drug Isotertinoin more commonly called Accutane.

Acne conglobata usually manifests itself in late adolescence up to the early thirties, while this age group is the most common it may also occur as late as forty years of age.Commonly it may strike where a person already has acne.

It may also recur on someone who may have suffered from acne in the past.

As yet the defining cause of acne conglobata is not yet known but so far there appears to be an established link with the male hormone testosterone, and although women also have this hormone present, it is more prevalent in the male thus men are more often affected by this kind of acne.Other scientific links have also been established, but these are far less likely to affect the average person.

Acne conglobata usually starts with blackheads appearing around the face and neck although this may also include or extend to other areas notably the chest, arms and buttocks in small groups.

Pimples then form around the area of the blackheads, these can become quite big, unsightly and painful as they become filled with pus, finally the pore walls will rupture under the strain of the fluid and it may then drain and as tissues heal fill up again.

This rupturing and tissue damage may cause the lesions to become joined together forming larger shapes, and they can remain on the skin for a very long time, forming scabs, but continuing to spread outward.

At some point the lesions caused will heal properly, but the skin’s surface will be disfigured and scarred, as will always be noticed on the face of a person that has suffered from this dreadful condition.

Fortunately, nowadays with advances in medicine, acne scarring can be treated with a variety of different methods, many of which are very costly, such as laser surgery,  microdermabrasion, or surgical excision of the tissue.

There are other options such as chemical injections, but the type of procedure you may need can only be determined by a dermatologist.

There are many different drugs and antibiotics used for the treatment of acne conglobata, if one does not work then another may be tried, the most powerful types will only be used as a last resort because of their potential side effects, which of course will be unknown quantity until a person starts taking the medication.

A dermatologist will be able to give you an expert opinion on your particular condition and advise you on the best course of
action to proceed with based on what they see.

Positive Pregnancy Test

The most frustrating thing a woman can experience is the idea that she might or might not be pregnant. The moment when you wait for the line to get red or pink, as the case implies, is the most nerve raking moment. I think all women have gone through this at least once. Nowadays, the majority have an abortion on their list so,  a simple pregnancy test is piece of cake. When do we have pregnancy tests? Well, usually a woman thinks of getting a pregnancy test when her period has delayed.

There are a few pregnancy signs that give away a pregnancy. For example if your period is missing, if you have cramps, more powerful and more frequent than menstrual ones, when you have terrible morning sicknesses that last more than one day, when you feel tired all the time even if you have slept enough , if you go very often to the toilet, if you feel bloated or very hungry for no reason etc. There are many things that catch our attention we just have to know how to read them. Any time we are sick or have a problem , our organism is trying to worn us about something.

Women who know they had unprotected sex should worry more. Many teenagers and women too, lets not discriminate anyone, think that if the boy /man cums outside the vagina then it’s all good. Well, it’s not. Before the orgasm there are some leakages of sperm that can be problematic. You never know and you cannot trust a man when he is on the verge of having an orgasm. It’s best to take contraceptive pills or use a condom, that can also protect you from different diseases you are not aware of. Also, still while on pills it’s best to follow your program without any delays.

A pill taken after it’s time can cause an unbalance and if you have sex just then, you might remain pregnant even if you are on pill. Women who are taking birth control pills don’t think not for a second that they might be pregnant , but there are many cases when the pill is not effective due to different things like taking a powerful pain killer that diminished the power of the pill.

Taking pregnancy tests is the easy way out. You get the result in two minutes . it’s easy it’s quick and it saves you from all the bad thought in your mind. A positive pregnancy test is when the two lines get red. If it is only one then you can keep your calm. There is also the case when pregnancy tests do not show the true result because the test is taken too soon. Always take the test after a week from the day you had sex. This is the time in which the egg is fecundated , otherwise the test will show you a fake result. In the end, pregnancy tests are the easiest form of knowing where you stand. Positive pregnancy test can be a joy or a very big problem. In order to prevent any misfortune you should take care of yourself and be responsible.

That Can’t Happen to Me

Search the Internet for information on hospital billing or medical billing advocacy, and you’ll come up with sites telling many of the same stories again and again. You’ll find tales of outrageous equipment costs like the teddy-bear pillow charged as a “cough-support device” (nearly sixty dollars) and the costly “mucus recovery system” that turned out to be a box of tissues and, of course, the Thousand Dollar Toothbrush™. You’ll learn of ludicrous procedural charges like the woman whose bill for the delivery of her baby girl included the price of a circumcision and the man whose heart surgery included a charge for 200 artificial valves.

All these tales are colorful and fantastic and horrifying. Despite being repeated as often as urban legends, they’re even believable. But really, they didn’t concern me. Those were just those unfortunate people you see on the news. I’m not a news story. I’m just a regular guy. Besides, I’d talked to my surgeon and discussed my bills with hospital billing staff. They’re all reasonable, professional, caring people. They weren’t going to do anything like that to me.

I still can’t believe I was so wrong.

How wrong? Would you believe the very first item on my itemized bill was a $1,000 error? Or that the first two pages of my bills contained over $5,000 in double-billed charges?

Honestly, when I first looked, I didn’t know what I was seeing. Each entry included unfamiliar terms like arthrodesis, obscure abbreviations like TLSO and DOS, and incomplete descriptions like Posterior non-segmental instrume. Then there were all the insurance terms clouding who paid what: conveyance, adjustment, payment, payment on account. Finally, what was with the column labeled Code? The bill wasn’t entirely gibberish, but it may as well have been. I consider myself an intelligent individual. I have a Masters degree in English, have studied several languages, have worked in numerous technical fields, and I’m comfortable speaking with just about anyone on any topic. In these medical bills, I was lost. Completely lost.

One key, I eventually discovered, was those Code columns. As if matters weren’t already complicated enough, the codes in my bills turned out to be of four different types. In the doctor’s bills, procedures and services are coded using the AMA’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes. Hospitals, on the other hand, may code their procedures using the International Classification of Diseases, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM). Others might use the National Drug Code (NDC) for medication. Both types of bills use part of the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS—called “Hick-Picks”) to code prosthetics and ambulance services.

It’s enough to make you believe they’re trying to hide something.

Possibly, but in truth, the main goal of these code systems is to simplify billing and clarify terms. Many surgical procedures, for example, differ in subtle ways. Those procedures might have dramatically different requirements in terms of time and equipment. The only way to be sure which procedure is which, is to describe them in quite a bit of detail. So, for a procedure that a doctor might describe as

Endovascular repair of descending thoracic aorta not involving coverage of left subclavian artery origin, initial endoprosthesis plus descending thoracic aortic extensions, if required, to level of celiac artery origin

a coder will instead assign the much simpler (if you have the code books) CPT code 33881.

Great, so the codes simplify everything for the billing people. They certainly complicate matters for the rest of us. At least, that was my initial response. Then I found that all four types of codes have look­-up sites available online.

A Permanent Solution For Removing Tonsil Stones

The tonsils are made up of tissues that are located on either side of the throat. They are an important component of the immune system of the body and help fight various infections, thus another reason for removing tonsil stones as soon as possible.

What are tonsil stones? Tonsilloliths are tiny calcium deposits that are formed at the rear of the mouth.

These areas of the throat are also known as ‘tonsil crypts’. Yellowish or milky white lumps are formed when bacteria or some form of matter is caught in the folds of the tonsils.

These trapped entities become hard and develop into tonsil stones. If left untreated, they will cause acute halitosis and other complications like pain, sore throat, inflammation, difficulty in swallowing, coughing and fatigue.

Tips For Removal At Home

One usually goes in for surgery to entirely remove tonsils to address the problem. Tonsil stones removal can also be done by using finger nails in an attempt to pry out the stones.

It may work at times but is very unhygienic. The dirt under your nails could add to the existing infection and worsen the situation. There is the likelihood of the tonsils being harmed in the process.

Another option for removal would be to use wet cotton and try to scrape away the stones. The use of a soft toothbrush can also be attempted.

The stones are gently scraped away until the area is clear of the stones. All these methods are only a short term solution for a critical problem.

These methods will probably ensure that one will not suffer from tonsil stones or have a re-occurrence. It should be understood that these are only for the short term solutions to remove tonsil stones.

If one is looking for a permanent cure, then the whole process has to be approached differently. There are many ways that we can employ to prevent tonsil stones from occurring. Most importantly, one has to maintain good oral hygiene.

Your diet plays a crucial role in the prevention

The kind of diet that one follows also plays a crucial part in its prevention. Certain foods promote the formation of tonsil stones. One can replace these with ones that inhibit the formation of stones. The use of a tongue scraper is also beneficial.

To rid the mouth of debris and keep it clean, it is advisable to gargle with mouthwash or warm salt water, every day. Other precautions like, cutting out on aerated drinks, reducing intake of dairy products, reducing alcohol intake and brushing ones teeth after every meal, can be taken to prevent the occurrence of tonsil stones.

To find a lasting solution, one has to have an understanding as to why it does not affect everyone. It is beneficial to comprehend the basic causes rather than the symptoms.

It will call for a total makeover with respect to the kind of diet followed. It also has a bearing on the methods employed to maintain oral hygiene.

There are many tonsil stone prevention and removal products available to address this issue. These will again only give one a temporary respite.

The best solution is to go in for a program that is natural, and most critically, scientifically proven. One would then have a lasting answer to the problem of removal and its prevention.

Tips To Get Pregnant Faster

Do You Want to Get Pregnant as soon as possible? Here are Steps, Tips and Advice For Couple To Get Pregnant Fast

Dear Brother,

The absence of a baby in a home can be one factor that may influence the happiness of a couple in their marriage. People say that babies are the sweet-hearts of couples. With no babies at home, their life may be tasteless and quiet. The present of babies may add cheerfulness and happiness to your home as well as peace of mind. When the time of welcoming a baby into a home is coming, a couple must feel that their happiness is more complete. The reality sometimes speaks different as most people hope. Some wives have been trying for years to conceive, but their efforts have to end up bitterly disappointed. Perhaps they need tips to get pregnant faster naturally and safely within 8 weeks from Pregnancy Miracle TM

Before talking about the tips to get pregnant faster, it is important to know that women’s pregnancy is influenced by many factors, such as monitoring, diet, intercourse, and health. If you can take care of these factors well and follow the tips given, surely you will conceive soon. There some advices that must be taken into consideration by a couple, both man and woman for best result

Some Advices For Men and Women

>> For Couples

Being stressed of not getting pregnant may be the problem that causes you not to get pregnant soon. Therefore you should control your stress levels because stress can disturb conceiving a baby. Having a hard time getting pregnant can be solved only by being relaxed. Being relaxed and calm will help getting pregnant happen for you.

>> For Women

Women should ensure themselves that they are ovulating. To know whether you are ovulating or not you will need a test. It is easy to do because you can do it yourself. Just buy an ovulation predictor and it will help you predict the two days when you are most likely to conceive. This ovulating kit will quickly and accurately help you detect the increase in luteinizing hormone in your urine.

>> For Men

Men should be extremely careful in doing activities. They should try to avoid excessive physical activities, wearing tight-fitting underwear and bathing in hot tubs.

Swollen Lips

Lips also need proper care as any other part of the body. They are the most delicate body parts that require adequate moisture and hydration to add life to your face. The outermost layer of our lips is thinner as compared to other parts of the skin. This makes lips extremely sensitive. Trauma, irritants, allergic reactions or sudden exposure to any allergen can cause swollen lips. A proper course of treatment should be followed depending on the underlying condition. Since there could be an underlying medical cause of lips swelling, it is advised to consult a doctor to identify the condition. Dietary modification, drug therapy and some lifestyle related changes may be recommended.

How to get rid of swollen lips

  • Turmeric Treatment: One of the most useful remedies for swollen lips is turmeric. You can prepare a blend of turmeric with fuller’s earth and some water. Fuller’s earth contains cooling properties that helps reduce swelling. You can add a few drops of honey to the mixture, in order to prevent fuller’s earth and turmeric from drying out the lips.
  • Hot and Cold Compress: Heat is necessary to reduce accumulation of blood in swollen areas, thereby reducing swelling. This is an efficient remedy, useful for swelling. On the other hand, cold compress with some ice cubes is also a good solution for swollen lips.
  • Witch Hazel and Salt: A blend of salt and witch hazel in the ratio of 1:2 is very effective for reducing any type of swelling. The mixture should stay on your lips for at least 15 to 20 minutes, and washed off with cool water.
  • Coconut Oil: Coconut oil has excellent skin curing properties. It helps in preventing the skin from extensive inflammation, dryness and swelling. Applying a thin layer of coconut oil on the lips thrice a day can be helpful.
  • Potato: Potato also helps in lessening swelling. Grate one potato and squeeze its juice. Apply the juice on the swollen area. It will relieve your inflammation and provide cooling effect.

Poop: Black or Dark Green

If you have black poop, there is a good chance that you are already well aware that constipation could be to blame. If you are having less than three bowel movements per week, this is medically classified as constipation. However, it is important to note that if you are someone who traditionally has 15 to 20 bowel movements and then falls down to 5 or so; this could also be called constipation because it is significantly less than what the norm is for you.

Also, if you have black poop and you think that it’s caused from constipation, it’s also important to be aware that you do traditionally have less bowel movements as you age. of course, for most people, that typically results in weight gain or a struggle to stay at your ideal weight.


If you are like most others who have black poop caused by constipation, you are probably wondering what this is a result of. Well, it’s actually caused by many different things.

  • Iron – Whether you are taking iron supplements for anemia, lack of energy or depression or if you simply consume too much iron in your diet, it is hard for your body to break down and can result in black poop.
  • Antidepressants – Black or dark green poop can be caused by antidepressants such as imipramine or amitriptyline.
  • Other Medications – Narcotic pain medications like codeine, oxycodone and hydromorphone can cause constipation as can anticonvulsants or calcium blocking drugs. Also, non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen cause black poop in some people.
  • Diet – It is no surprise that your diet plays a huge role in how regular you are. Fiber is important to include in your diet to maintain bulky but soft stools. You can easily add fiber to your diet by eating a daily supply of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • Laxatives – It may seem strange to you that laxatives can cause this condition and constipation but they certainly can if they are overused. If you use laxatives frequently, your body becomes reliant on them and basically needs them to have a bowel movement. Sporadic use is fine, frequent use is not! Bowtrol can help restore balance and keep you regular naturally without throwing your system off.
  • Hormonal Disorders –One of the biggest complaints that you will hear from pregnant women is regular constipation. Their black poop is a direct result of elevated levels of progesterone and estrogen. Many females also experience this before or during their menstrual cycle as well.
  • Disease – Although black poop and constipation are rarely a cause for too much concern, it should be noted that there are some diseases that can be to blame such as diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Chagas disease and scleroderma.

If you have black poop and constipation because of your diet, laxatives, supplements or stress, Bowtrol can get your system rebalanced.

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